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cmspecht at acsu.buffalo.edu wrote:
> i should elaborate on my question: what was in my head when i posted this
> question, but did not make it to my fingertips (i.e. keyboard) was:
> can someone give me any references for evidence of pheromonal effects on
> *sexual behavior* of humans.

 Benton D, 1986
       Effects of androstenol on human sexual arousal.
       Biol Psychol 22(2), 141-147 (1986)

 Benton D, 1982 
       The influence of androstenol - a putative human pheromone - on mood
  throughout the menstrual cycle.
       Biol Psychol 15(3-4), 249-256 (1982)
Note: there is an implied relationship between menstrual cycle phase and sexual

 Black SL, 1982 
       Androstenol as a human pheromone: no effect on perceived physical
       Behav Neural Biol 34(3), 326-330 (1982) 

 Gustavson AR, 1987  
      Androstenol, a putative human pheromone, affects human (Homo
  sapiens) male choice performance.
       J Comp Psychol 101(2), 210-212 (1987)

 Cowley JJ, 1991 
       Human exposure to putative pheromones and changes in aspects of
  social behaviour.
       J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 39(4B), 647-659 (1991)

 Diamond, M, Binstock, T, & Kohl, JV
        From fertilization to adult sexual behavior.
        Hormones and Behavior 30(4), 333-353 (1996)
Note: this article is a review

Jim Kohl

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