Followup - The cancer story is just a story

e adler Elizabeth.M.Adler at WILLIAMS.EDU
Thu Jul 24 14:57:36 EST 1997

I received the following on another mailing list:

>For what it's worth, the chain letter that has been traveling around
>Jessica Mydek is a fraud.  These kinds of messages make periodic
>appearances on the internet for some reason or another and they are
>always fakes. New medium, old pranks...
>Here's the ACS's response, copied from their web site
>                      Fraudulent Chain Letter
>               "This statement may be copied or reprinted by online users
>The American Cancer Society is greatly disturbed by reports of a fraudulent
>chain letter circulating on the internet which lists the American Cancer
>Society as a "corporate sponsor" but which has in no way been endorsed by
the >American Cancer Society. This letter appears to have started on
>America Online but has now spread well beyond the online service. There
>are several variations of this letter in circulation, including one which
has a >picture of "Tickle Me Elmo" and one that is essentially a paraphrase
of the >letter.
>As far as the American Cancer Society can determine, the story of Jessica
>Mydek is completely unsubstantiated. No fundraising efforts are being made
by >the American Cancer Society using chain letters of any kind.
Furthermore, the >email address ACS at AOL.COM is inactive.
>Any messages to the American Cancer Society should be instead sent
>the American Cancer
>Society website at http://www.cancer.org.
>This particular chain letter with its heartbreaking story appears to have
>struck an emotional chord
>with online users. Although we are very concerned that the American
>Society's name has
>been used to manipulate the online public, we applaud the good intentions
>all who participated in
>this letter. We are pleased to note that there are so many caring
>individuals out there and hope that
>they will find another way to support cancer research. Jessica Mydek's
>story, whether true or false,
>is representative of that of many cancer patients who benefit daily from
>efforts of legitimate
>cancer organizations nationwide.

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