Undiagnosed peripheral neuropathies and exercise

The Rod or Cow Eyes riveroak at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jul 26 18:32:22 EST 1997

Glen Harman wrote:
> Subject experiencing pain, burning, sensations of warmth,
> and occasional tingling in both hands - affecting median
> and ulnar nerve regions and areas served by multiple
> root nerves.  No loss of sensation or strength.  Occasional
> slight swelling.  Various blood tests, EMG's, NCS's, MRI's,
> and XRAYs all normal.  At present, cause unknown.
> Subject has tried braces, rest, various anti-inflammatories,
> Amitriptylene, and Neurontin - all had little if any affect.
> Question:  What would be considered moderate chores,
> exercise, typing, etc produces a short-term (?), moderate
> increase in symptoms.  Should the subject minimize
> hand-use or continue/ramp-up his exercising?
> Phrased a different way, is exercise likely to be productive
> in cases of undiagnosed peripheral neuropathies or is it
> likely to further aggravate the nerves involved.

Forgive the intrusion, but if you get an answer to your questions, I
would, we would like to know.  You discribe Rod's condition, which has
been diagnosed as "Chronic inflamatory demylinating polyneuropathy" or
Polyridiculoneuropathy.  From my medical school nursing background I
vaguely remember studying about nerve degeneration and regeneration in
the event of tramatic injuries.  However this thing is similar to carpal
tunnel syndrome, where repeative motions, i.e. exercise using the same
muscle/nerve groups can cause more damage than it relieves.  Be
interesting to find out though...CE

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