Jeff Baldwin nospam-mvcs at idt.net
Sat Jul 26 15:02:13 EST 1997

rcb5 at MSN.COM ("Ronald Blue") wrote:

>....  However, precognition may
>be possible from a quantum mechanics perspective which may
>look like telepathy.....

The space-time effects which form the perview of QM are, to say the
least, mini-micro-supersmall and superlocal effects as compared to
metal processes (classical events whether of mind, brain, or mind and
brain). For example, try becomming aware of the wave-packet for
electron #9287617481745817245 now passing through you mind. Ooops...
too late..... it's already changed state about 912 times. And then
there are all the OTHER electrons... and protons... and neutrons....
ad nauseum for the lepton and hadron "soup" which is contunually

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