C3-C6 nerve bundles

A mad scientist eef1000 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Sun Jul 27 14:41:55 EST 1997

On 27 Jul 1997, Robert Gush wrote:

> Also, I looked at the Miami Project web page, but I could not find a reference
> to
> the nerve regenerator drug referred to in an earlier post.

Methylprednisilone isn't a nerve regenerator drug, there is no such thing
I am afraid.  But if MP is used, it cuts down the extent of the damage
done, due to inflammation.  You will need to look up the scientific papers
published by the Miami project workers to tget the full story.

Re the C3- C6 nerve bundles, there is a web site of the brain and CNS,
again I don't have the URL, ooh hang on!   No sorry I don't have the URL.


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