Gamma-OH in Autism

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>>> Gamma-OH works on the human psyche by increasing sociability.
>>Can you explain its psycho-pharmacology please ?
>   Sorry that I'm almost guessing at the answer to this, hopefully, Claude
>   or someone else will shortly come up with a more insightful answer...
>   from what I understand, there's some evidence that glucose use in 
>   Autistics brain is somewhat different to that of its Neuro-typical
>   counterpart. Maybe Gamma-OH helps glial (sp?) cells to work more 
>   efficiently?

Dr Henri Laborit has much studied this topic of the importance of
glial cells.

Back to Gamma OH the idea is based on the hypothesis that its action
is related to oxytocin neurotransmission and that oxytocin function
should be disturbed in the brain of autists.



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