Psychopharmacology, states of consciousness and psi

Mike Braden cybin at gladstone.uoregon.edu
Mon Jul 28 23:19:38 EST 1997

>>   Have you tried ethnopharmacology?  There should be some recent
>>studies being done.  -Steven
>Does anyone know what ethnopharmacology is? 

I believe ethnopharmacology goes is the study of traditional medicinal
herbs and treatments for their pharmacological nature, possibly to develop
further drugs.

>Anybody  have any suggestions   on good Toxicology programs?  Graduate
>school that is?  I am interested in Forensic Tox and Med Tox.

I am also interested in similar fields and have come across a program you
might find interesting (I did).  It is pharmacognosy, the development of
new drugs by studying traditional plant medicines.  If you are interested
in psychopharmacology, then this could be melded into something like the
field above, but focusing on traditional conscious-altering plants and how
they could be used or developed for modern introspective work,
psychological counseling, and personal insight.  The University of
Illinois at Chicago and the University of Mississippi (Ole-miss) both have
the normal pharmacognosy graduate programs, primarily focusing on cancer
and AIDS therapies.  But you might want to check em out.

If you want to talk about any of the above or anything else, feel free to
respond here or in private email.

mike braden

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