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Thu Jul 24 19:27:55 EST 1997

15th July 1997

Dear Newsgroup Administrator,

I would be very grateful if you could disseminate the message
below in your newsgroup.

I thank you in advance for your collaboration.
Yours sincerely,  Luciano da F. Costa


15th July 1997

Dear Friends,

Our group has been involved with neural morphometry and modeling 
using image analysis techniques and would dearly appreciate 
to know about the following possibilities:

1. Obtaining bitmap or traced (e.g. Eutectic) representations
   of neural cells;

2. Receiving histological slides containing neural cells 
   marked for dendritic arborizations;

3. Receiving reprints of works dealing on neuromorphometry
   and neural modeling.

The materials in 1 and 2 would be used for validating our
techniques, in such a way that it would also be nice if we 
were allowed to include some of these data in eventual 

In addition to fully acknowledging the source of every
data, we also have to offer possibilities for collaboration.
Our work include analysis of spatial coverage through
fractal dimensions, normal fields, curvature, wavelets, and 
other new measures; multiscale representation and characterization
of neural cells; growing of 2D and 3D neural cells (by computer
graphics and computer theoretical approaches); classification
of neural cells by using clustering, statistics, and neural
networks; linear an non-linear modeling and simulation of neural 
structures; automatic and assisted extraction of dendrograms; 
and Windows'95-based applicatives for visual inspection of 

We would also be glad to supply reprints of the publications 
below.  Please use the number within "[]" in your request, and 
be limited to about half-a-dozen items, since we rely on limited 

We thank you in advance for your attention.

Yours ever,

Luciano da Fontoura Costa
  Coordinator - Cybernetic Vision Research Group
  DFI-IFSC,  University of Sao Paulo, 
  Caixa Postal 369,
  Sao Carlos, SP
  13560-970     Brazil
  FAX: +55 162 71 3616
  e-mail:  luciano at ifqsc.sc.usp.br


[1]  A. G. Campos, L. da F. Costa and R. Koberle.
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[2]  L. da F. Costa
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