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dear bat person,

choice of undergraduate degree somewhat, in the numbers game, appears
to account for some of the variablity in who gets into medical school.
for example, of the class that began med school in 1995 (in the us), 45%
of the history (major) applicants were accepted whereas something like
only 34% of the biology majors got in.

i would venture to assume that far fewer applicants majored in history
than in biology (since this major typically includes all of the
prerequisites).  thus, history majors did exceedingly well.

you need to prepare for the mcats.  thus, whatever your major, be sure to
study hard in your prereqs.

you should also strongly consider getting some research (as well as (of
course) clinical) experience.  i hear this is very useful to applicants.

check your university for a pre-med advisor in your advising office (if
your university has one).  write or phone your transfer school immediately
and request an undergraduate catalog and the phone number for the advising

also, there is a reference (that i would assume most pre-med advisors
would use) which offers a good deal of demographics on recent med school
entrants and so-forth.  if you like, i will find it for you.  you might
ask the reference librarian where you are if she is familiar with this
reference if you prefer.

good luck to you,

colleen specht

On 1 May 1997, B21 wrote:

> 	I'm currently a Biology major preparing to transfer to UCSD, where I plan
> to receive my BS in Animal physiology and neuroscience.  My goal is to
> attend Med. school and become a neurosurgeon. Is this BS choice a good
> choice in preparing me for a career in neurology?  Should I take the most
> demanding classes available to prepare me for Med. school?  Or should I
> take it easy?  Please respond as specifically as possible, as to include
> some suggestions as to what courses I should consider.  Thank you for your
> time.
> 					Sincerely,
> 							Bat21!  

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