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>hefeng at cz3.nus.sg (hefeng at cz3.nus.sg) writes:
>>Is the aqusition of consciousness a gradual thing in evolution? Are
>>animals self conscious?

>gord at homostudy.win-uk.net (G K GRAY) enunciated:
>No strong agreement on this one *yet*, however the observable
>correspondence of states of consciousness and EEG patterns in
>ourselves strongly indicates an affirmative is correct. EEG
>patterns indicate same evolutionary sequence in vertebrates. The
>crunch comes with invertebrates - How to apply EEG or corresponding
>technique to them?  They do communicate but our present knowledge
>has not proven this means they are conscious. Plants also

May I suggest you read the paper ' What Is Consciousness" available
at Enticy Press,   http://www.neutronicstechcorp.com/enticypress/

It will detail how consciousness is an aspect of all brains and can be
extended to plant life in its most primative first form (although the
paper does not deal with that issue it can be implied)...

The answer to the question of Free Will is also contained in the paper
although it will take deduction by the reader to acquire it.... the



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