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On Sat, 10 May 1997 09:35:03,  Richard Hall <rhall at uvi.edu> wrote:

> So what do religious discussions about the conscious mind and free will
> have to do with neurosciences? If this is an issue of faith it is not
> science.   It the sort of discussion that is best conducted over a few
> beers.  Or as a string in alt.jada.jada.jada


the original reply given by eugene to the poster's question regarding the
existence of free will was,

"does it matter?"

the answer to this question (and perhaps MOST questions) in the world does
not uniquely or solely lie within the realm of science in general or
neuroscience in particluar.

if you have a problem with the nature of the question, you might tell the
poster to post elsewhere  (i would not, since the question does in fact
lie within the realm of neuroscience).

obviously, both you and eugene have never explored this question from a
scientific vantage.  thus, your replies are so



if all you wish to discuss is allowed from a purely 'neuroscience' focus,
then i find you distinctly wearisome.

i wonder, if you could let the *first* part of that justification go
(that being the religion part) and give a whole-hearted, neuroscientific
response to the second part (that being the 'science' part).  or would you
rather make your scientific contribution to this thread by declaring
that science is not religion?

(my guess it that you have nothing else to contribute (to the science
part) to you should prefer to redirect the discussion to another news

colleen specht  

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