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Stephen Black sblack at HERA.UBISHOPS.CA
Mon May 12 00:05:18 EST 1997

The following is the second of two critical responses I received privately 
to my post expressing scepticism concerning the "therapy" of EEG-Driven 
Stimulation. Because the post was private, I've removed the name. I 
thought my response might be of interest to the list.

> A copy of you E-mail about Dr. Len Ochs' EDS website showed up in my e-mail
> box. 
> I am assuming that you, being connected with a University department, were
> trying to do what you felt was in the best interest of other.  While your
> comments about specific items in the website might have merit, you clearly
> have not done all your home work.  The effects of photostimulation on the
> brain has been researched for over 50 years, besides being a well
> established procedure in clinical neurology.   
> Your comments are a bad refection on you and the field of Psychology.  I'm
> sorry to have had to take the time write this note.  I recommend that you
> make sure you fully understand a subject before making comments available
> for all to read. 

Dear Dr. X:

My opinion was posted publicly in order to elicit comment and debate. 
I would prefer that any responses I receive be posted in the same way.

In reply, however, I note that what I said was clearly directed at the
information on Dr. Ochs' website and was unrelated to "the effects of
photostimulation on the brain" in general. However, if you can demonstrate 
with reference to acceptable published studies in reputable peer-reviewed
journals that therapy using photostimulation has therapeutic benefit, I'm
sure this would be of interest to all of us on this list. 

Secondly, if anyone has not "done their homework", it is you, as I gave
clear reasons for my scepticism concerning the unsupported and grandiose
claims of Dr. Ochs. Moreover, an earlier post of mine on the same topic
gave three scholarly references, including one to an investigation carried
out by eminent researchers for the National Academy of Science (USA). Yet
you dismiss my concerns merely on the basis of an unsupported assertion of
your own. 

If science is going to move forward (in fact if it is to _be_ science), 
it must be on the basis of acceptable evidence, not wishful thinking. I 
find it dismaying that so many practitioners are unaware of this 
fundamental principle of science. 

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