J. Bruce McCallum mccallum at post.its.mcw.edu
Wed May 14 11:28:37 EST 1997

Eugene Leitl (Eugene.Leitl at lrz.uni-muenchen.de) wrote:
: In a scientific frame of refenence, there is no "consciousness". So far 
: there is no evidence of "consciousness" to be a nonphysical process. So 
: the question is, is QM adequate to explain all physical processes? Of 
: course not. Relativity and QM are known to be unresolvable. We still lack 
: GUTs. 

The difference between "consciousness" and "sensation" is scientifically 
relevant to the field of anesthesia research.  
It is a known fact that we can block sensory pathways without making 
patients unconscious, and we can make patients unconscious without blocking 
the pain sensation and the sympathetic response to pain.  As of yet, we do 
know the mechanism of action for volatile anesthestics.

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