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cmspecht at acsu.buffalo.edu cmspecht at acsu.buffalo.edu
Wed May 14 15:47:36 EST 1997

dr. LeFever,

you might have simply posted to ask me if i were being sarcastic in
posting back your statment rather than repeating it yourself (below)
although using different words.

please see the top of that 'repost' of your original and edited message,
where i wrote the following:

 "point well-taken (both times)".

i am not sure i have ever heard this phrase used in a sarcastic light.

i am sorry that i had to snip all of your examples of my
ignorance below (my server will not let me respond to a post where the
response has less text than the post it is a response to).  and this is
much less text.

colleen specht

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