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Has Dr. Brucker read and approved of the advertisement you've posted

>"Med/Aid, Inc." <persever at ccia.com> wrote:

>                                       DR. BRUCKER'S BIOFEEDBACK
>    There is now hope for spinal cord injuries, strokes, and cerebral palsy
>patients that has resulted in paralysis or loss of motor skills.  Dr.
>Bernard Brucker, internationally known for his Biofeedback treatments, has
>developed a biofeedback program which helps restore function to people with
>physical disabilities.
>    Dr. Brucker's program is designed to locate faint or previously
>undetected motor 
>neural signals from the brain to the paralyzed limb.  Often, the signal is
>so faint it is undetectable except through Dr. Brucker's testing process. 

Are you suggesting that Dr. Brucker's equipment and amplifiers are
more powerful than the amplifiers and equipment the rest of us use?  

If what you intend to say is that sometimes, there may be some
voluntary control that is not detectable to the 'naked eye' and it
requires instrumentation to detect, fine, but your wording suggests
that _only_  Dr. Brucker's 'testing process' can detect it, and I
haven't seen any published research to support any such claim.  

Which is why I asked you if Dr. Brucker has approved of your
advertisement for his services.  

>Once the signal is located focus can be directed toward strengthening the
>muscle it is attached to and developing other motor neuron signals to aid
>in the process.  This becomes a powerful tool in the treatment of certain
>physical disorders.
>     Mike Utley, Detroit Lions Professional Football Player, was carried
>from the field with a C6-7 spinal cord injury affecting the arms, hands,
>trunk, and legs.  With Biofeedback Mike made large gains in learned control
>of the muscles in his legs.  He has also gained the use of signals to the
>muscles in his fingers, back, which he is now strengthening.  Mike's
>prognosis is good to continue to gain control over his muscles through
>these Biofeedback techniques according to Dr. Brucker.

Are you suggesting that no other person with a C6-C7 incomplete spinal
cord injury ever recovered function or that no patients with C6-C7
injuries treated by other professionals haven't recovered function?
>    Dr. Brucker has found that not all spinal cord injuries are
>neurologically complete.

Dr. Brucker and the rest of the world.....    (and that's not a snipe
at Dr. Brucker, but at your presentation and attempt to make him sound
as if he's doing something or accomplished something that no other
professional has).  

You are really making Dr. Brucker, who is well-respected in the rehab
field look a bit like a quack or snake charmer with this post.  I
would strongly encourage you to obtain his approval for what you post
about him, his findings, and what can be attributed to him and not
also to a number of other professionals who do the same kind of work
with similar results.

>  There may be some neural tracts, perhaps
>duplicate ones not used before, or some tissue that may be recovered after
>injury but has not been trained for use.  In many cases we find there is
>undamaged neural tissue in the spinal cord that is not efficiently utilized
>by the brain.  In short, Dr Brucker's program recruits motor neurons with
>the patient learning how to voluntarily recruit a motor signal in the
>  This produces a motor signal to the muscle site... producing action.
>     Currently, Dr. Brucker has a year waiting list but has developed a
>satellite laboratory in New Castle, Pa that is accepting new patients.  For
>more information please e-mail us at PrayHard99 at aol.com with your mailing
>address to receive a free packet of information.

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