Comercial source of NPPB

Jose Feijo jose.feijo at bio.fc.ul.pt
Mon May 19 14:15:30 EST 1997

Hi all:
I would appreciate if someone could point me out a comercial source of the 
chloride chanell inhibitor NPPB (5-nitro-2-(3-phenylpropylamino)benzoate)

Thanks a lot for any usefull info.
Please answer personally to 

jose.feijo at fc.ul.pt

Jose' A. Feijo'

Dep. Biologia Vegetal, Fac.Ciencias Univ. Lisboa
Campo Grande, Ed.C2, P-1700 LISBOA, PORTUGAL

tel. +351.1.7500069, fax +351.1.7500048
e.mail: jose.feijo at bio.fc.ul.pt
URL: http://www.fc.ul.pt/departs/biologia_vegetal/ejf.html

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