Quantum Microtubules?

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Kevin Spencer wrote:
> holson at california.com (Howard Olson) writes:
> >Simon Schultz <simon.schultz at psy.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
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> >>> Colleagues,
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> >>> Is quantum mechanics responsible for memory functions?  Is this
> >>> occurring in the microtubles.  Is there credible research in this area?
> >>> Who are the leaders in this field and where can I get more information?
> No, no, no, and go read an introductory book on neuroscience.

Would you suggest Nicholas Humphrey's _A History of the Mind_ as well? 
After knocking about neuroscience a bit as a rank amateur, I found this
one of the more settling of the "neuro-science for humanists" books, and
it makes the same case you infer here - that it's really rather silly to
look any farther than the actual operations of neurobiology for the cues
to consciousness.  (It also seems to tie in well with other books of the
sort that have seemed rather more credible than others - Damasio's
_Descartes' Error_ and linguist Derek Bickerton's work on the evolution
of language.)  But can you tell me, from a professional viewpoint,
whether Humphrey's interpretation (if you know of it, of course) is

Keith Rhodes

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