Encephalitis and anterograde amnesia

Sammy2x sammy2x at aol.com
Fri May 30 22:20:03 EST 1997

Hello...I am a neuroscience major at UCSD...from my research anterograde
amnesia does indeed have to do with hippocampal damage. The hippocampus is
responsible for the formation of long term memory (LTM). Without it one i
unable to create new memories (declarative memories at least). How
extensive is her amnesia? Does she forget what is being said rapidly..is
it hard for her to read or carry on converstions because she becomes
confused as to what is being said? General characteristics...
 Her working memory should be intact.. 
 Her amnesia should be global, affecting memory regardless of modality or
 The information that your wife CAN acquire is inflexible in that it can
only be expressed in limited conditions..

 Has the neurologist dpne test including free recall, recognition, or cued
recall...paired associate learning?

depending on how extensive the hippocampal damage is will determine the
extent of the anterograde amnesia...try to find info. on a certain patient
named HM (very severe Ant. Amnesia)

I hope you and your wife get through this...
      sincerely, Josh

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