A Course on Conciousness part 2. Precognitive dreams and communication.

Ian Wilson iwilson at img.net
Mon Jun 1 17:51:35 EST 1998

> > Actually, telekinesis is the most difficult thing a psychic might try
to do.
> Possible, though personally I believe that going through walls and
> extending life for centuries might be more tricky.
> But then again I don't understand enough about magic in the first
> place.
It's a patient art of controlling one's own mind and that frequency with
that of the object.  I have done very little telekinesis but enough to
satisfy myself that it has a potential that I will explore willingly till I
> >>out-of-body
> How does one do that?
We do it all the time, it is a naturally occuring phenomena that usually
misses one element, and that is waking consicousness so one does not
remeber, or only has distorted memory in forms of dreams passing through a
belief filter to their waking consciousness.

> If one were to go step by step, how does it work?
This is a thought thing, you have to "think" yourself through it.  The
process is simple.  Take yourself as you percieve yourself consciously for
the unconscious ride.
To do that, you have to prepare yourself for consciousness in that
unconscious state.  A transgression is in order.  A bridge psychologically
must be built to carry you into a re-occuring unconscious feild of

To do this, start simply by identifying with yourself what you are as

Then you have to program your sleeping patterns to allow your conscious
self to remain intact while the body falls asleep.

The easiest way to achieve this is to break up sleeping patterns and go to
sleep when physically tired, but mentally awake.  This helps, but is not

Before you go to bed.  Ask yourself five logical questions and look at your
hands.  Do this while standing.  This is a test you will create for
yourself when you enter into a conscious sleeping state.  The reason why? 
To ensure you that you have brought along that logical part of you that we
attribute to our waking consciousness.  It's presence is everything to us
in this feild.

Having satisfied yourself with those five questions.  An example that I use
is this

What time is it?
What Is the Date?
What show did I watch before this session?
Two simple mathimatical questions.

This little test is important initially because the logical faculties are
so important, and a lot of people ignore that truth.  They think it's just
about being a right-brained individual.  That is false, it's both sides of
the hemispheres working towards waking consciousness that is needed.

Once you establish that you are intent on remaining conscious, the whole
key now is dissarming the naturally occuring states which induce
unconsciousness in the first place.  Removing fears, doubts, concerns, and
allowing the body to fall asleep is all important.  If you can "balance"
mentally as your body falls asleep and not get lost in the hypnotic,
hypogogic imagry and start to allow shifts of awareness into altered
states.  The ride gets really easy.
We break it into three stages

STAGE ONE :- Pre-sleep, the programming stage
STAGE TWO:- The shift through hypnogogic imagry/sound and sensations, and
the 	           deep sleep of the body.
STAGE THREE:- The actual release from the body into that state.

Just relax and give a mental INTENT on what exaclty it is you are doing.

I have used an INTENT as simple as this:
INTENT:- I am remaining fully conscious as my body falls asleep.

That simple and it works for me.  But Some people have to pre-program this
intent a little more to help with certain factors that arise, that is why
you have to learn what exactly your mind does to "knock" you out!

Using the intent is simple.  You can customise it to deal with fears,
concerns, and uncomphortable states as the shift occures.
You might want to use an intent such as this one.

Say this mentally in your head.
INTENT:- I am fully conscious and aware of myself as waking consciousness. 
I realize that I can remain fully conscious when my body falls asleep.  As
my body starts to relax, I will simply allow myself to remain alert and
aware as to not disturb the natural sleeping pattern of my physical body. 
I will have full conscious ability, full analytical ability and will be
exactly as I am now, but in other states where I normally go unconsicously
into sleep.  I have no fear, no worries, no concerns about being conscious
in these states since I am there unconsciously anyways.  When I am in that
state, I will run my LOGICAL TEST that I just created for myself to test
how consciously aware I am.  I will have a clear, detailed conscious memory
of the experience on waking as I will be there consciously to record it.  I
am allowing this process to begin now.

A much more larger INTENT but you can see how it may help anchor the
logical mind into wanting to go into these states for purely curious
reasons.  There is no suggestions that it will be a lucid dream, and OOBE,
rather just a natural state you enter unconsciously, however this time you
will be consicous for it.  This can and does help.


This is the fun stage, it's where all the colors, patterns and textures of
the mind come to life in vivid detail.  Sometimes you skip right through
it.  But if you don't, while passing through these feilds, just remain
totally calm, very relaxed and allow the changes to come as they do.  Do
not push back any sounds, colors or images should they manifest.  And if
you do get sounds, vibrations and images, let them continue knowing it is
just a natural phenomena entering into these states.  NEVER be alarmed or
frightened because NOTHING can hurt you.  This is totally safe, I mean, how
old are you and how many times have you fallen asleep and how many times
have you woke?  The only difference now is you are consciously aware for
That is it.  Consciousness is the only change you made.  Really that
Once the changes occure, you might experience a very tactile shift.  You
might get violent vibrations that will feel like 10 000 volts of PAINLESS
electricity passing through your body.  It's no big deal, a lot of people
experience it.  The reason I feel best explains why is because you changed
a conscious shift in frequency from a 20 cycle count per second BETA to a
possible 12-4 cycle count THETA or DELTA.

If you are getting these, just allow them to continue and understand that a
shift in conscious frequency to a higher frequency might explain the
tactile illusion of vibration.  Always be calm and relax.  Never let
anything startle you because the shifts can happen so fast sometimes.

Once your body falls asleep it enters sleep paralysis.  This state has
scared a few people because you feel trapped and your body doesn't respond
to your thoughts.
Well, that's because you are out-of-phase slightly and really it's easy to
go OOBE if this is the case.  If you are in a state of sleep-paralysis,
just relax and "mentally" move in a very soft, slow rolling manner to the
left or right.  And when you roll out, stand at the edge of the bed.  Check
yourself to see if you are conscious, and run the test.  Then turn back to
the bed and check to see if your body is there.
If so, I encourage you to remain calm, analytical and study the state for
what it is worth.  Touch your non-physical arms, touch your non-physical
face, then touch your physical body.  You might get some bi-location of
consicousness so you might feel yourself touching your body as you touch
it.  That's normal too.  Consciousness can be divided into many parts as I
have learned.  That is more advanced and I don't teach that for some time.

Then after satisfying that curiosity, explore the room, put your
non-physical hand through the wall, try to feel the changes.  Push hard if
there is resistance, or just relax and push soft.  Play with it so you
learn from it.  And when you awake, write it all down as clearly as you
remeber it.  And repeat the process as much as you like.
It takes getting used to.  Read the Course on Consciousness Part Four, it's
on my website www.personal.img.net/iwilson.  I cover this.

> Especially the bit of going out in detail?
Practice every night before you sleep.  Then wake up after about 5 hours,
and apply the technique again.  Dicipline and practice is all you need. 
The most important thing is document not the STAGE THREE result, rather how
you got there and what stopped you from getting there.  Only you can
understand fully what works and doesn't.  you will ultimately customise how
you go out, as you better understand how you can control your consciousness
in these unconscious states.  And never be scared, worried or nervous if
the experience was very intense.  It will be.
And I warn you, it may change your life forever.  I take no responsibility
should you start to unlock the secrets of your own mind, and the mind of
the universe.  That's your responsibility.  Use it responsible if you
master it.  

I hope this help, but practice and application helps even more.  Good luck,
and let me know if you have any results.  I will help as much as I can.


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