A Course on Conciousness part 2. Precognitive dreams and communication.

Ian Wilson iwilson at img.net
Mon Jun 1 18:10:13 EST 1998

> Now, does anyone here know the "Journal of Scientific Investigation"?
> I do, and I must add that the proper name should be the "Journal of 
> Conspiratory Theory". It publishes mainly invalid studies of 
> paranormal phenomena (ghosts, psychics, psychokinesis, ect ect ect) 
> and enganges in serious discussions on the US military's conspiratory
I do agree that there is a lot of saturated theories on psi phenomena.  For
me, the bottom line is it exists and needs intelligent research and
developement with verifiable results.  For myself, I have proven it to
myself and people around me when it spontaniously appears.  However, the
fact that it exist randomly in that manner tells me that it is a mental
ability that needs refinement and understanding.  And it cannot be done if
you blatantly shut those doors on yourself saying it is not possible.  A
closed mind let's nothing through.  An open mind, with a scrutanizing eye
is much more benificial.

I hope that something solid does come into science as this is a new
frontier for human consciousness to explore.  All it requires is a
developed psyche.  And I am no expert, just learning the hard way like
everyone else.  I never believed it until I experienced it, and even then I
denied it for extended periods of time until it was too over-whelming to my
belief system.  Then I realised my belief system was in error and that
really sucked.  But I would rather experience the truth than a falsified
belief.  Beliefs need to be questioned and examined time and time again. 
But once something is known, it replaces belief with far stronger levels of
knowledge and understanding.
I like to see more unknowns turned to knowns and I love science for doing
just that.  

I need to see it/ experience it to believe it.  And that should apply to
everyone.  Hence why I have a techniques page and I am freely instructing
as best I can anyone who wants to develop these abilites.  Just for the
sake that they might click and it starts to create more of a solid network
to grow from globally.  You have nothing to loose in exploring your own


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