No one is conscious: was Re: Are we conscious here? Or just punning?

Jim Hunter jim.hunter at REMOVE_TO_EMAIL.jhuapl.edu
Mon Jun 1 14:03:46 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote:
 > > Consciousness is an art rather than a science.
 > To segregate offf the conscious sectors from the rest is,
 > and to subperceive or "shift within them" even more.

 You need to try  superperceiving so that you
 stop writing sentences like that.

 > > General rules of the road:
 > >  -The tibetan techniques should be left to the tibetans.
 > It says a lot about you that you do not wish to learn from other
 > people(s).

 You're again behind the times. Tibetan rituals are passe methods
 to acquire the inner self. Beach bimbology is newer and requires 
 greater depths of consciousness.

 > >  -Conscious dreaming is possibly an inferior form of consciousness.
 > Why inferior?

 Because it is not superior.

 > Maybe the conscious sectors just run different energies & different
 > "recording energies"?
 > And the 'balance between the sectors is different, but in itself a
 > system"?

 You'll have to excuse me, I have to go "balance a sector". 


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