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Mon Jun 1 19:50:46 EST 1998

Ohhhhhhhhh,  my!  I thought you would rise to the bait, but how you did it!

Please explain the following:


> link brain-energies on the low-power-ranges to the point of
>docking in.


>energies that are going off a brain

>all the energies there are

>many thousands of the major stages

>all subforms down to what a colleague of another branch  called
>subatomic ranges

> pressure and wave form in the sectors of the brain

>all names down to the subatomic ranges for the energies

>different energy stages in the energy
>shifting and linking processes

>shift in the sectors and between the brains

>billions of pre-Christian-destruction times



>THC and the occiptal cortex as a good sector a first
>direct docking point and transformer / frequency tuner between the
>brains of two linking telepaths


>segregate far inside

>outer front banks


All right, so much for terminology.  Now for a few other points.

> what do YOU know about Shamanism and what
>about the OT levels of scientology?

Operating Thetan levels????!!!!!  Oh, boy!

>...You are judging things with a speed that would bother me if I were

Let's take a poll.  I am critiquing your posts to a science newsgroup using
science as the judge.  If I have judged wrongly, let science show me wrong.

>I heard there is an Indian term "akasha" for all there is.

A defintion meaning "all that is" is kind of meaningless in science.  Works
wonders for religion, but kind of useless as a scientific entity.  It is
especially meaningless if you talk about "all that is"'s interacting with one

Oh well.  It was fun.  I know that I will not have made my point to you.  The
others are probably too tired of such things to read it.  Still, I have had my
say.  Thanks.


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