Silicon for Depression ?

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Patanîe Pong wrote in 
alt.support.depression,bionet.neuroscience,sci.physics :
(Re: Silicon for Depression? ...)

> Je t'en prie!

I've just (3 hours ago) asked Henri ATLAN °°°
  ¨¨  (those who don't know, search !)
   after a very exciting 2 hours conference 
   -   INRA / Sciences en questions   -
   " Le biologiste face au 'tout-génétique' "
      (and a 80 minutes debate)
   he gave us
   at Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon
a quite "tarabiscoted" question (in fact 2 questions)
about the epigenetic regulation of life
through harmonic frequences
(with biologic silicon in mind
 and in my answer to his first non-answer).



Why ?

Jean-Philippe GÉRARD  (intrigué)


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