Brian Scott brians at interlog.com
Mon Jun 1 22:39:03 EST 1998

Gernot S Doetsch wrote:
>    Much has recently been written about the plasticity of adult 
>brains. Following peripheral denervation or sensorimotor training, 
>significant changes can occur in the response properties of cortical
> neurons and the details of somatosensory and motor cortical maps. Do
> such physiological changes mean that the sensory or motor function of
> the affected neurons has changed accordingly? Can the "behavioral 
>function" of adult mammalian neurons ever change? If so, under what 

I've read of neurons in the visual system becoming responsive to auditory
stimuli after denervation or sensory deprivation...details escape me.  Something
like synesthesia perhaps.  Does this count as a change in sensory function?  

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