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cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de (Cijadrachon) writes: 
>"John H. Casada" <casada at uthscsa.edu> wrote:
>>There are a few very vocal people in this newsgroup who like to talk
>>about "research" especially as conducted by native people from around
>>the world or in areas of parapsychology.  
>Explain native.

He meant, of course, "naive".

>>They make delusionally grandiose statements 

>As you are not citing them it is hard to judge wether you or them are

The rest of your reply serves as ample example in case any new readers
are unaware of your long-standing bizarre pollution of this newsgroup. 
He was too kind to make obvious comparison to textbook examples of this
kind of pathology.  For new readers: the portions of this long diatribe
I have retained in this reply are far more lucid than the rest; read
the rest and then consult a textbook on abnormal psychology for

>> The claims that "brain surfers" know more about
>>neuroanatomy and neurophysiology than neuroscientists is a vainly
>>narcissistic fiction.
>The claims that neuroanatomy and neurophysiology know more about
>"brain surfering"  than brainsurfers are a vainly
>narcissistic fiction....

More to the point: "brainsurfing" belongs in its own private newsgroup.
Stuffing bionet.neuroscience with this nonsense abuses the rights of
readers who look for neuroscience here.

I suggest people address coomplaits directly to the sender (do NOT post
further replies to the newsgroup), and to the administrator of
cijadra's internet provider, asking if the provider considers this
"fair use" of the service.

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