Marco A.G.Pinto nop10942 at mail.telepac.pt
Thu Jun 4 01:37:21 EST 1998

Hello my friends!

If you are in contact with aliens or know someone
who is, the next time you/they are abducted please
ask the aliens to give an extra implant so that
you can send it to me.
If you know of any abductee's reunions please go
there and give the guys a copy of this message.

After I receive the implants, I will carry them along with
me all the time in the hope that the aliens come here.
I have dozens of questions to ask the aliens.
All the best!
       >Marco A.G.Pinto, from Europe/Portugal
E.mail: nop10942 at mail.telepac.pt
S.mail: Apartado 3083
           2745 Queluz
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