sudden loss "Use of legs"

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Thu Jun 4 09:33:43 EST 1998

Global wrote:
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> I hope that someone may be able to suggest a diagnosis for my mother.
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> She is 82 years old, and for the last 18 monhs, has suffered
> sudden loss of use in her legs.
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> She has no pain, and remains concious, however she collapses to the
> ground, and has received various cuts and bruises.
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> I have noticed at times that she "Yawns" rather a lot, and also that he=
> ankles swell ( Not huge) but larger than normal,and are very blue at
> times.
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> She also at times has difficulty with her memory, and speech.
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> I first noticed something was wrong at my fathers funeral, when we
> were leaving the crematorium, she was walking to the left, as if she
> had no control.
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> She has seen her Doctor several times, who could find no explanation
> and he referred her to a specialist, who also could not diagnose
> anything.
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> I am getting very worried now, as she had a serious fall yesterday and
> the loss of use of her legs appears to be increasing.
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> I would be very obliged if somebody could give me an indication as to
> what could be wrong, so that I could suggest to her Doctor.
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> Thank you in anticipation
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> Peter Betts
> GLOBAL at AGRICULTURAL.SSI.        btinternet.com
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> England
Re above:
This is an obvious case of non-fatal strokes.  Modern equipments such as
MRI can pinpoint where in her brain such damages have occured.
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