thread that should have died

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jun 4 22:27:26 EST 1998

Lars Rune's Folly or simply mischief?  I did not post to either
bionet.neuroscience or sci.physics.  It was my hope that the thread
would be continued in other newsgroups (ANY other newsgroups).  Its
reappearance here is due to Lars' ruinous deliberate targeting of these

In <35771719.0 at d2o204.telia.com> "Lars Rune Foleide"
<larsrune at sf.telia.no> writes: 
>>This one is particularly funny in the case of Frank who posts us an
>>full 2 copies of an post, when he is actually complaining about that
>>post being sent. Thanks for making an fool of yourself!
>I just have to agree on that, when Frank post a reply on a message,
>without writing anything, then I start to wonder if this guy is
>insane or what.....
>It sure as hell isn't normal and I can't see what the purpose is...
>A complete fool if you ask me.....
>And if Frank hadn't responded to any of the messages, then this
>thread would have died a long time ago.

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