Technological Singularity

John Piccirillo jpiccirillo at sigmatechinc.com
Fri Jun 5 15:40:23 EST 1998

Bill Moyer wrote:

>   Arthur is referring to what Vernor Vinge dubbed the "Technological
> Singularity", which can be generally described as the point in time
> at which a technological innovation either renders mankind incapable
> of controlling their environment, or at least exerts an irresistable
> force on humanity.

    Looks like a little fear mongering is at work here.  Doesn't this
sound very similar to the "Future Shock" schlock that came out several
years ago?  Personally, my view is that there will always be Luddites. 
As one who grew up post WWII with the threat of nuclear annihilation and
civil defense drills in primary school, my view is the future may be
even worst than you imagine but not in the way you imagine --> full
steam ahead.


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