COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Mindset MS-1000 Neuromapper

Sunil Gupta sg at nospam.aquathought.com
Fri Jun 5 14:40:50 EST 1998

Major Software Update Announced
for Mindset Neuromapper

(Ft. Myers, FL) - Aquathought Labs announced today Mindlab and
Wavelab Version 2.0,  a major upgrade to the suite of applications
which are bundled with the Mindset MS-1000 Neuromapper.

Major new features included in the 2.0 release include Functional
Neuromapping, Coherence Analysis, Offline EEG Editing, and
integrated EEG biofeedback functionality. Functional Neuromapping
allows for incoming EEG data to be compared, in realtime, to a
baseline sample.  This visualization highlights EEG changes since
the baseline sample was recorded. Coherence Analysis provides
realtime visualization of coherence between any one electrode and
all other electrode sites.  Offline EEG Editing allows the user to
specify areas of a recorded sample to eliminate from any analysis,
allowing for elimination of artifacts and for focusing analyses on
any subset of a recorded sample.  The integrated EEG biofeedback
tools serve as a reference platform for users and developers to
apply Mindset as a biofeedback device. Basic audio/visual feedback
modalities are provided as well as a multi-channel, multi-parameter
threshold definition structure.  The expected release date for
version 2.0 of the Mindset software, which includes many other
enhancements, is July 15, 1998. This and all updates to the Mindlab
and Wavelab software are free to all registered MS-1000 users.

The Mindset MS-1000 is a low-cost 16 - Channel
Electroencephalographic Neuromapping System designed for use with a
personal computer. Mindset combines topographic neuromapping and
electroencephalographic analysis software with a 16 channel, 1024
sample-per-second, 16 bit digital EEG acquisition instrument, to
provide a complete, yet extensible, EEG Neuromapping system. The
estimated street price for the MS-1000 device and software is

Aquathought Labs was founded in 1996 to develop and manufacture
research and simulator technology. Mindset is not intended for use
in clinical medical applications and is not FDA approved.
Aquathought Labs makes no claims as to potential medical or
therapeutic benefits from its use.

Christine Connell
Sales Manager
(941) 437-2958, ext. 206

Aquathought Labs
15951 McGregor Blvd. Suite 2C
Ft. Myers, FL 33908
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