thread that should have died

Eugene Leitl eugene at liposome.genebee.msu.su
Fri Jun 5 11:08:05 EST 1998

F. Frank LeFever writes:
 > Lars Rune's Folly or simply mischief?  I did not post to either
 > bionet.neuroscience or sci.physics.  It was my hope that the thread
 > would be continued in other newsgroups (ANY other newsgroups).  Its
 > reappearance here is due to Lars' ruinous deliberate targeting of these
 > newsgroups.

I think a technique similiar to that with infertile animals could
work: you reply several times to the message in each of the particular
newsgroups with all the crossposting deleted from the headers.

Whenever somebody replies to the sterilized post, it doesn't propagate
beyond of the own newsgroup. It's work, but it should reduce the noise


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