Technological Singularity

Joe Korty jak at ccur.com
Fri Jun 5 11:16:14 EST 1998

If human intelligence already squeezes out most of the benefit possible
from intelligence, then Vinge's Singularity would not be possible.

If human intelligence doesn't even begin to tap what is possible, then
the superintelligences which would follow us would quickly escalate
their intelligence to the intrinsic limit.

In either case, a plateau in technological progress would eventually be
reached.  The only question is whether it's us or someone else enjoying
the results.  In either case there is no Singularity .. just, at best, a
period of rapid, accelerating growth until the limit is reached.


billm at cygnus.com (Bill Moyer) writes:

>  Vinge wrote an article about the TS .. my copy is at:
>  http://www.shinma.org/ttk/vinge.html

>  His article tends to run pretty strong in the rhetoric..  I've 
>been meaning to write up my own take on the TS ever since I attended
>one of his TS seminars a couple of years ago, but I haven't had the 

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