[Q] hemidesmosome & glial endfeet

jalee at my-dejanews.com jalee at my-dejanews.com
Fri Jun 5 22:21:01 EST 1998

Does anybody know if radial glia make a contact with the pia through
hemidesmosomes? If so, "PLEASE" give me the details (title, vol, year, page,
authors) of the literature that contains such information.

I believe I came across such information in the literature but I cannot find
it again. I need to cite the literature for my grant proposal. Given that a
keyword search in the Medline does not help (despite numerous combinations I
tried), I think that the information is either in the RESULTS or DISCUSSION
of the paper.

I would be truly grateful if anybody could help me out in the nearest time
Thank you in advance.


Neuroscience Program
The Ohio State University

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