apoptosis detection

Hassan Bousbaa mop56103 at mail.telepac.pt
Sun Jun 7 11:25:53 EST 1998

I have no problem in clearly detecting apototic cells by using The "Apoptag
kit" from ONCOR (the protocol is available in internet).
Goog luck.
Hassan Bousbaa, Porto university.

Brian Scott <brians at interlog.com> escreveu no artigo
<356F8E23.C311C1B1 at interlog.com>...
> I'd like to know if there is a recommended way to detect apoptotic cells
in rat
> brain.  I'd like to be able to identify apoptotic cells in fixed slices
> double labelling with cell type markers but I've heard that there are
> interpreting the TUNEL technique.  I've asked some companies about this
and they
> still recommend these DNA fragmentation detection kits.  In the apoptosis
> research community is there a preferred method?
> Please respond by email.
> Thanks.
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