Technological Singularity

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>+AD4-ian+AEA-five-d.com (Ian Kemmish) writes:

>+AD4APgA+- as we laugh at that fellow who observed that increases in farm
>+AD4APgA+- yields was linear and population growth is exponential and pre-
>+AD4APgA+- dicted massive famine in the moderate future

>+AD4APg- I don't hear much laughter coming from Africa.

>+AD4-Even in Africa, the vast majority have enough to eat, there are untapped
>+AD4-or inefficiently used resources, and with proper technology,
>+AD4-agricultural production could be increased greatly.

>Wrong-o+ACEAIQ- You cannot simply introduce the latest technology into a
>+ACI-not-so-technologically+ACI- advanced society and expect the latest
>technological effeciencies.

This is getting way off topic, but starvation has almost nothing to do with
the food supply and everything to do with poverty.  With few exceptions
(North Korea is probably the main one), countries which experience famines
actually have plenty of food- it's just that the people who don't have it
can't afford to buy it from those who do. A natural disaster will certainly
interrupt the poorest of farms; but the remaining farms could easily supply
the missing food if only the poor could pay for it.

The end of starvation won't occur until poverty is ended.  The best thing we
technical people can do is either find something valuable that these people
can offer and employ them, or teach these people how to make things which
are valuable to their food producing peers.  Business startup loans would
also help.

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