Overview of Neurochemicals and Brain Function?

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Since this is a scientific nutrition newsgroup you might be interested in
the (difficult to find) volume entitled "Nutritional Modulation of Neural
Function"  edited by John E. Morley, Berry Sterman and John Walsh..UCLA
Forum in Medical science (series # 28) published by the Academic Press,
Inc.  in 1988.  ISBN 0-12-506455    The other titles in the series are not
slouching either - all are on the brain from Altzheimer's to
Vertigo....Awsome!  (but expensive!)..
Dr. Van Beveren

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> >Get "Brain Longevity" by D.S. Khalsa, M.D. This is what you are looking
> >for. Available at amazon.com.
> This doesn't sound like a book that gives an overview of
> neurochemistry in an objective and correct way.  The abstract for the
> book sounds like an advertisement for health supplements.
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