Technological Singularity

Ketil Z Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Mon Jun 8 03:40:56 EST 1998

"phracker" <phracker at mwis.net> writes:

> +AD4-Even in Africa, the vast majority have enough to eat, there are untapped
> +AD4-or inefficiently used resources, and with proper technology,
> +AD4-agricultural production could be increased greatly.
> +AD4-

> Wrong-o+ACEAIQ- You cannot simply introduce the latest technology into a
> +ACI-not-so-technologically+ACI- advanced society and expect the latest
> technological effeciencies.

Where did I assert that you could?  My statement was that you could
improve agricultural yields by improving technology, which I don't think 
is an extreme point of view, since that's what we've been doing in order 
for the earth to sustain its current population.

BTW, WTH is with all those +Ablahblah-?  You cannot simply introduce
some random technology into a standardised message exchange service, and 
expect anythong but technological inefficiencies. :-)

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