Technological Singularity

Bernd Paysan bernd.paysan at remove.muenchen.this.org.junk
Mon Jun 8 07:31:48 EST 1998

James Sharman wrote:
> For
> example,  their is a reasnable chance that the first truely inteligent
> A.I.'s will be created for the military and then the technology will be
> applied to the dometic market.

Do you really think so?  One of the best scenes of "Forrest Gump" was
when the conversion with the drill sergeant:

"What are you supposed to do here, Gump?"
"Obey your order, sir!"
"Gump, you are a genius!".

Creating something that mindlessly obeys orders isn't what I would call
AI. We already have these devices. The difference between a Kamikaze
pilot and a cruise missile control computer is that you don't need to
put shit in the brain of the latter before it does it's job - and that
it is less likely to miss the target.

> So what I'm asking is that once they have
> created that military A.I. is that they spend five minutes takeing the
> killer instinct out of it before they put it in my microwave.

A mindless microwave will happily kill you cat if you put it in and
switch on. You must add something (intelligence, sensors) to prevent

Bernd Paysan
"Late answers are wrong answers!"

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