Technological Singularity

Ian J. Lewis ian.lewis3 at virgin.net
Mon Jun 8 18:08:02 EST 1998

Craig Burley wrote:

> "James Sharman" <james at exaflop.demon.co.uk> writes:
> > On a completely different track,  who is to say that the eventual
> > replacement of humanity with an enhanced version is not the way to go. It
> > may be possible to view this development as a bizzar twist on evolution. You
> > should also rememeber that these supermen will be our decendants and it does
> > not take to much for us to wish the best for the future.
> >
> > thag: ook,  look at them with clubs and fire
> > thog: They replacing us,  must put a stop to it.
> That was my biggest problem with the monumentally stupid US television
> series "Prey" -- exactly why was a new race of superior beings a
> *problem*?  Half-;), of course.
> Also interesting is to what extent this already happened among hominids.

Evolution is a mythology.  As the biosphere develops -
so do its constituent parts.  We are part of this oneness.
Next you will be saying that the foetus was replaced by
the baby by natural selection; when all along it was a mere
unfolding into matter through time.  The Noosphere.
This is only an example - please don`t take it literally.

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