Salvia splendens(Red Sage) in opiate addiction

Claude de Contrecoeur patanie at pasdepubhotmail.com
Sun Jun 7 04:13:11 EST 1998

Salvia spendens has been found,in 1997,by this researcher and Brunelle
topossess psychotropic activity but,also,a psychotropic profile
reminding captopril.
Some,not familiar with captopril,have compared the psychotropic
effects of salvia splendens to opium or diatecelymorphine.

The active principles of salvia splendens seem to be salviarin and/or
splendidin,2 neo-clerodane diterpens close in structure to salvinorin
A from salvia divinorum.

The captoprilic-like effects of the red sage are quite remarkable and
suggest a possible use of the active principles of this sage against
opiate addiction.

Claude de Contrecoeur

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