OFF-TOPIC: Technological Singularity

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jun 8 21:59:20 EST 1998

I suggest those who care about the integrity of the newsgroup do the
(1) reply directly to those perpetuating this thread, requesting them
to delete newsgroup address, or possibly all newsgroups except one
(e.g. the one with no one complaining?)

(2) delete---I was going to say delete scientific newsgroups before
poosting a reply yourself, but looking at the list do not see ANY tht
appears appropriate for this thread, so do not know which unlucky oone
should be the default caretaker of this thread...

Anyway, boys, you're crowding out on-topic discussion (like bad money
drives out good).

In <897313855.26.1.nnrp-02.c2d9a433 at news.demon.co.uk> "James Sharman"
<james at exaflop.demon.co.uk> writes: 
>>A mindless microwave will happily kill you cat if you put it in and
>>switch on. You must add something (intelligence, sensors) to prevent
>dont try this at home children :)

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