Technological Singularity

Ian J. Lewis ian.lewis3 at virgin.net.uk
Tue Jun 9 20:05:46 EST 1998

Craig Burley wrote:

> "Ian J. Lewis" <ian.lewis3 at virgin.net> writes:
Evolution is a mythology.  As the biosphere develops -
so do its constituent parts.  We are part of this oneness.
> Really?
Next you will be saying that the foetus was replaced by
the baby by natural selection;
> No, I won't.
> Hmm, if we are part of this oneness, how come you didn't *know*
> I wouldn't?
when all along it was a mere
unfolding into matter through time.
> In essence, all things built out of matter are merely a bunch of
> tiny particles believed to be interacting in accordance with some
> pre-defined laws -- which nobody has been able to explain in terms
> of where those laws came from, how they were designed, who designed
> them, and why.  (Not that plenty of speculation hasn't been offered.)
> And, to anyone who claims everything is all "one" with some mystical
> notion of a "universe" and that "matter" is thus just acting out
> this "oneness" in a fashion that renders pointless any discussions of
> medium-level behaviors such as evolution, geology, mathematics, and
> what-not, I ask: if that's so, exactly why do you have to bother
> claiming it at all?

Plenty of speculation has indeed been offered, but I thinkyou will
that it is always the theory that unites that is
more understandable.  "What we need is a new mythology.
A new `true story` that tells us where we are going" TM.
Gaia theory at least attempts to place mankind in the context
of a story... the story of the development of the biosphere
from a state of inert probabilities to one of information rich
super complexity, on the cutting edge of which is the human
cerebral cortex capable of consciously reflecting on the fact
that it is able to consciously reflect on the fact that the whole
scenario might possibly be so integrated as to be one giant
computation of information unfolding, context-dependantly,
through history : the `reaching maturity` of planet Earth; one
tiny spec in a sea so fucking mind-boggingly huge that your
ego is absolutely miniscule and lost.  Only a theory mind.....


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