pushing the mind to the limit

James King jking001 at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Wed Jun 10 12:02:24 EST 1998

Deaqr AJ. Murray,
	I think that the statement that we only use 10% of our brain is a 
ridiculous notion and I think others will agree.  The argument arises
over what does the word "use" mean in this context and how can you say
what is actually in use?  Does neuronal activity corelate to activity
hence use? I don't think that is true.  Information can be conveyed via
inactivity as well as activity.

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On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, AJ. Murray wrote:

> This is an intriguing question
> To what extent is it possible to push our minds further than we are
> already doing? Is there any evidence that it is possible to learn
> intelligence by utilising the brain in a different way? Or are we fixed
> with our lot, and nurture only plays a tiny role? Whe we are only
> utilising 10% of our brain what is happedning with the rest?
> Also does any one know of any papers on what makes a Child Genius. 
> I am not a neuroscientist hence all the questions
> Al

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