pushing the mind to the limit

Ed Ergenzinger ergenzin at bgsm.edu
Wed Jun 10 10:11:55 EST 1998

AJ. Murray wrote:

> This is an intriguing question
> To what extent is it possible to push our minds further than we are
> already doing? Is there any evidence that it is possible to learn
> intelligence by utilising the brain in a different way? Or are we fixed
> with our lot, and nurture only plays a tiny role? Whe we are only
> utilising 10% of our brain what is happedning with the rest?
> Also does any one know of any papers on what makes a Child Genius.
> I am not a neuroscientist hence all the questions
> Al

  The idea that we only use 10% of our brain is a fallacy. I'm not sure
where this notion came from, but perhaps it has to do with the fact that
neurons contribute approximately 10% of the overall mass of the brain,
while glial cells (cells cells which provide metabolic and structural
to neurons) constitute the remaining 90%.  Although there is much that
is not known about the complex interaction between glia and neurons in
synaptic transmission (the communication between one neuron and
another) it is clear that neurons are the key players in processing,
and retrieving information.  Glia may modulate some aspects of certain
neuronal function, but they are not going to be recruited to expand
  Although some regions of the brain serve redundant functions, you
use all of your brain. Its how you use it that contributes to

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