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In <357DDFC9.BECFF3DE at virgin.net.uk> "Ian J. Lewis"
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>I'm new to this site - no formal or academic training at all etc..Are
you saying that neurons have `kinda` a built in ability to
>switch tasks if needed... or rather : not needed on their former
re Plasticity: can you access archives for bionet.neuroscience?  You
will find many informative posts on the topic (including some of mine)
which will give you some orientation to some of the issues and perhaps
suggest further questions.

History of site: from time to time it is plagued by cross-posted
off-topic stuff, for example ESP and "Technologicl Singularity".  We
(neuroscientists) would appreciate it if people would delete
bionet.neuroscience from lists of newsgroups when posting replies to
such topics.


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