Neuronal Modelling

Gerthory Toussaint toussain at idi.ntnu.no
Thu Jun 11 08:43:48 EST 1998

Hello all,

    I am working actually on a model a neuron which in order to do some
simulation on computer. Before I would like to answer to some questions.
Some if someone can help me because I am not a neurologist.

    1) I read that a same neurotransmiter can bind different receptor
(for exam GABA ==>         GABAa, GABAb). Does a neurone can have
different type of connexion with other neurones ? I mean, if neurone A
have connexion with B,C and D. Does it possible for A to excite B with
GABA, C with Ach and D with NE ?

    2) Some neurones have the possibility to firing without any input,
does this kind of neuron in involved in "rhythmiciti" ? (Does someone
have a good reference about rhythmiciti in the brain?)

    3) Does with know how many neurones are usually involved in a firing
process ? (I mean if a neuron has 100 connexions, does it possible that
only 5 exitatory inputs lead to an EPSP ?)

    I thank you in advance for any answer.


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