Technological Singularity

Kirk W. Fraser kirk at clatskanie.com
Wed Jun 10 22:25:38 EST 1998

Andy Glew wrote:

> Pure intelligence, pure reason, cannot succeed in an evolutionary
> sense
> unless it is tied to behaviours that propagate the species.  A mental
> construct that facilitates such behaviour is religion. Evidence
> accumulates
> that some aspects of religious behaviour are instinctual, built in,
> in the same way that language acquisition behaviour is built in.

There are also some apects of spiritual behavior that are built in but
it sometimes requires the rational thoughts of religion to help us
operate in a life enhancing fashion instead of a zombie (spiritual death
but still functioning) fashion.  In fact pure spirituality (like having
the shield codes to the enterprise) can't succeed either -- people who
have spirituality must choose to use it in a way that produces life.
The example of Aaron's rod which budded while the elder's rods didn't
comes to mind.  Aaron's discipline multiplied life but some folks's
discipline just kills.

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