Effects of Psilocin on Human Brain...

j criticom at clark.net
Thu Jun 11 12:45:43 EST 1998

The awakening of consciousness and the use of substances are exclusive
to each other. There is not "pill" to help you achieve consciousness.
You can experience some "interesting states" through the use of drugs
that may resemble what you think objective consciousness looks like but
that is a perception of subjective thought.

What you suggest is that we could take a pill and suddenly we would be
able to function as man number 5 or something to that effect. The very
nature of the 4th way teaching is that you must aquire the skills and
proficiencies through the process. You can't "cheat" even though the 4th
way is refered to as the sly man's way. You must experience and
understand the why of the process not skip over it. You would infact be
a "stupid saint" having perhaps gained some awareness through the
substance but incapable of understanding how to apply it. 

The bio-chemical events you refer to are symptoms or effects of higher
processes not the causes of higher processes. 

The fourth way should not be a way of justifing the habits and buffers
associated with sleeping. The ecstasy you experience through the use of
substances perhaps reminds you of a more blissfull state that you once
knew or gives you a glimpse of a more contented state that you think can
be yours but do not mistake it for the work. 

Ian J. Lewis wrote:
> Kirk W. Fraser wrote:
> > There are also some apects of spiritual behavior that are built in but
> > it sometimes requires the rational thoughts of religion to help us
> > operate in a life enhancing fashion instead of a zombie <snip>
> Hi Kirk
> You seem to be the right person to ask a few question of...
> A debate is currently under-way at the 4th-way NG as to
> the effects of Psilocin (from Psilocybin Mushrooms) on the
> Human organism - and it`s peculiar brain...
> I am, of course, a novice in this most specialist of fields but,
> I have read - and I think that it is fairly widely known that
> Psilocin closely resembles Serotonin in its activities - which
> are thought responsible* for the phenomenon of conscious-
> ness.  *although not alone.
> Also, that it may effect the raphe system (thought responsible
> for `filtering out` seemingly un-necessary external/internal info);
> as a `kind of` narrowing of consciousness.
> I/we would appreciate it very much if you could tell us more
> on this subject, what is known, what is not yet known etc; as
> this is fundamentally important to me (and possibly mankind) :-)
> I appreciate that you may be a very busy person - so you can
> keep it as brief as you wish - or even better - go into a full blown
> discourse on the subject.
> I await your reply...
> Ian.

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