No one is conscious: was Re: Are we conscious here? Or just punning?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 10 19:21:48 EST 1998

Jim Hunter <jim.hunter at REMOVE_TO_EMAIL.jhuapl.edu> wrote:

> You need to try  superperceiving ...
You go ahead, or should I say a-in-head.

When you managed to perceive more than nine regions & stuff about
them, tell me. And then go first to supberceive within your regions.
If you give me the "access concentration codes" I might become tempted
to restructure some months and then give it a try or maybe even
But all in all I regard that as the task of those born for it &
interested in it.

> > >  -Conscious dreaming is possibly an inferior form of consciousness.
> > Why inferior?

> Because it is not superior.

Ah, so if it is not superior, than it is automatically inferior.

How logical indeed.

Do you apply that to yourself when no being superior, too?

...Have you ever contemplated to study the effects of DHEA and
testosterone conerning the hypothalamus & male (not) thinking?

> You'll have to excuse me, I have to go "balance a sector". 
Going to download? ;-)

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