Re Frank LeFever

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 10 19:21:13 EST 1998

>He meant, of course, "naive".

How good that you know what he means.

>The rest of your reply serves as ample example in case any new readers
>are unaware of your long-standing bizarre pollution of this newsgroup. 

You are very scientific again, as always.

I admire how you are citing what I say and bring me scientific proof
against it.

> lucid 
I am not sure if you even understand all meanings of lucid.

>a textbook on abnormal psychology for comparison.

And where would one find a text book about abnormal psychology?

If you are abnormal enough, then you are not of the norm.
Psycholgy is trying to generalize by outer signs and make categories,
till this day not having caught up with neurodata from even a dacade

Personally I believe that no one who had not access enough programs of
the basolateral part of the amygdala and the emotion region of the
hypothalamus to do with rankfighting and aggression, nor is
understanding ab bit abut the connections,
is understanding much about certain basics of the psyche.
And those who know cannot write, because there are no words for the
thousands of programs.

In other words only abnormals CAN access and that they can does not
mean that they are aware how much where is different from some norm,
that you sure extend from China to Africa and from men to women, 
all having the perfect normed emotion generator programs all in
perfect, normed balance within and with each other and the rest

How amazingl, given how different cultures "program the settings in
the emotion generators".

You must have travelled a lot, to know so much about the norm of the
and what is the norm in my city in the distric I was born in and in
the different norm of the district of Berlin I live in now.

You are impressive as always.

Especially your so scientific arguing,
and not going personal
and so on...

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